MS Excel: “Learn how to create a table in MS Excel”

MS Excel: “Learn how to create a table in MS Excel”

Tables :-  In Msword, whenever we have to write data in tabular form. Use tables. This gives data rows & column.The commands related to formatting its data are found. They are as follows.

Insert Table :-  From this option, create a table in the document. When you select this, a dialog box opens. Which includes the number of rows & column.By selecting or input the ok button, where the cursor is, the table is created on the right side. Its a dialog box looks like this.

Insert Row :- This adds a new row to the table.

Insert-Column: – It adds a new column to the table.
Delete-Table: – Removes it from the seleted table document.
Delete-Rows: – This removes the selected row from the table.
Delete-Column: – This option is deleted from the slected column table.
Select-Table: – The table is selected by this.
Select-Row: – With that, the column gets selected in the table. Wherever the cursor happens
Merge-Cells: – With the help of two or two.

Split Cell: – With the help of this commond, two or more cells are made in a cell.
Split Table: – This table is divided into several parts. Wherever the cursor happens Wah is broken into two parts.
Table Autoformat: – The table is formatted through this option. When you select it, there is a dialog box display. Where some pre-built formats are shown. Selects the format of the table that changes into that format. This is sel.

Convert: – This option is converted to selected table in text or in table text.
Sort: – This operation is arranged in ascending order / descending order.
Formula: – Some formula (formula) is available for calculating the row wise / column wise or cell wise data in the table with this option. Using which we can calculate. Its dialog box is like this.


MS Excel: “Learn how to create a table in MS Excel”
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