MS Excel : Learn about Menu & Options

 MS Excel : Learn about Menu & Options

Menu: – Available in the form of an operation in the command menu in Excel. According to the process and behavior of commands, bat is given in groups. Such as: – File Menu, Edit Menu, View Menu etc.

File Menu: -Print Area: – The first part of the sheet is to print, select the part in it. After that click on this option. Then the same part is printed.

Clear Print Area: – Removes Print Aria set with this option. So that the whole sheet can be printed.

MS Excel : Learn about Menu & Options

MS Excel : Edit Menu

Edit Menu

Paste Special: – When a copy or CUT data is paste in another place with a specific and an operation on it. So we choose this option. When you select this, a dialog box opens and select Paste of form & operation types.Its dialog box is displayed below.

Fill: – This is used to fill the data in a row or column with a specific pattern. There are many sub-options in this operation. They are as follows.
Down (down): – This data is filled downwards.
Up (up): – This data is filled upwards.
Right: – Data is filled to the right.
Left (left): – This data is filled to the left.

Series: – Clicking on this option opens a new dialog box. which is like this.

The pattern is to fill in. They choose the pattern from the dialog box given above.

Clear: – The information in the selected cell is removed from this option. It has the following sub option.

(1) Clear All: It removes all the information inside the cell.
(2) Clear Format: – This only removes the format.
(3) Clear Contents: – It removes content.
(4) Clear Comments (comments): – The comment is removed from it.

Delete: – This option is removed from cell, row or column. Clicking on this opens a dialog box. From which we select an option. Its dialog box is like this.

Delete Sheet: – This removes the entire sheet. A
Move Or Copy Sheet: – The whole sheet is moved or copied from it.

MS Excel : Learn about Menu & Options

MS Excel : Learn about Menu & Options
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