How To Make Money From YouTube

To Earn from youTube, you have to create high-quality videos that people like, and after that you have to monetize that videos in various advertising networks, when you start to see traffic / views in your YouTube video channel then it is clear that people are watching your videos and also ads from which you earn money, you can drive traffic through social media and SEO (search engine optimization).

In this article, I have covered the whole  part, the first part has been described as how to create a YouTube channel and upload a video to YouTube, then the second part has information about how to earn money from YouTube. You can earn online money from YouTube in different different ways, in the third part I have explained how money will come into your account.

Create or Upload Video In

1. First of all you create your personal and original video, which you can put in YouTube.Com.

2. Whatever video you create should be 100% of youts, that means your video must be absolutely unique (means should not be copied from anywhere and stolen).

3. You must be the copyright owner of all your videos means all characters or musics should be of your own.

4. After that you open your account at, if you already have a Google Account, then you will not need to open a new account, because YouTube will link to your G-mail and other Google account.

5. After all, upload your video to YouTube.Com.

6. After this, your video will start getting traffic, because people will start watching.

7. To increase the traffic to the YouTube channel, you can share it on social media sites and share it with friends so that your views will grow.

After this, your first step is completed, then you should always upload videos, after that people will start watching your video, through which you will earn money by monetizing the videos.

Monetizing Your Video

I will tell most of the popular video monetizing techniques in this article, which will enable you to earn a lot of money, any of the following methods plus you will be able to earn money by doing more ways together –

Google AdSense

First you go to the YouTube Partner Program and sign in to the YouTube Partner Program.

Then, enable Google ads monetization in all your videos.

When many videos start to be added to your view, it depends on the quality and virality of your video content as you will find the visitor according to your video.

To make more money you try to share videos in many social media sites, like Facebook, WhatsAapp etc.On which the traffic / view will increase in the YouTube channel.

Note – An average video that gets 100,000 views can earn at least $ 250- $ 400 dollars with the help of Google AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing & CPA

1. First sign up in a good affiliate network (like – clickbank, cj, amazon).

2. After that link your affiliate product.

3. You need to have a promotion video of that product, after which you have to put that video in YouTube.

4. Put your affiliate link on YouTube’s description, which allows people to buy that product.

5. When viewers will buy the product from that link and buy as you signup etc, then you will earn money from them.

How will You get money in your account?

This is the most popular question about how money will come in our account and how we transfer our money to our personal bank account. So friends, because of all these questions, I have mentioned the following detail step how will you get money from YouTube in your account?

1. First, when you add your account to Google adsense, automatically connects with adsense when the partner program is Approved.

2. After that, all the money on your YouTube account will go into every month adsense.

3. You will need to enter your account details in adsense, then the account will be Aapprove.

4. After all, money will be automatically transferred to your account every month.

Note – Adsense money will transfer to your account only when there are more than $ 100 in your adsense account.

Well all the popular ways of earning money from YouTube is shared in this article but there are other ways you can make money from YouTube like – showing intro ads, reviews of products, selling links in description.




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