Android Studio App Hello World project ll Android app Development

In this post I am going to tell you about beginning of Android App Development. I have already told that I will post here about android app development complete method with coding in android studio you just have to paste those codes, then I will tell you about SDK integration from different android ads platform with high revenue ads and high cpc paying ads.


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Android Studio App Development

So here I will discuss about all ads platforms one by one and how to use their SDK in different posts .

Lets start from Android Studio Basic App “Hello World”.

Android Studio App Hello World project Android app Development

Step 1.  Open google and search for Android studio for windows as shown in screenshot.


Step 2. Now you have to click on the link which has been shown in the screenshot to open next page.


Step 3. You have to click on the green screen button on the page which is showing for download option of Android Studio software.



Android Studio Hello World project Android app Development

Step 4. On this step you Tick mark on the indicated box and click on “Accept ” button to move forward.


Step 5. As you can see below left side bottom area download has begun.



Step 6.  When the download has finished now open the setup file and double click to start Installation.


Step 7. Now click on “Run” shown in the dialogue box.


Step 8. Go to configure and download and install required SDK tolls inside SDK Manager tab.


Step 9. Tick on the SDK which you want to install and then press “ok.”


Step 10. Now click on New project to start building App.

Step 11. Choose the desired name of your app and click “Next.”

Android Studio App Hello World project Android app Development

Step 12. In this step you have to select the minimum SDK version so that it can cover maximum mobile handset from all around the operating systems. 


Step 13. Select empty Activity and click on “Next”.


Step 14. Click on “Finish ” here.


Step 15. It will take few minutes to initialize the gradle.


Step 16. This is interface of android app building homepage.


Step 17. Go to design to see the mobile view.


Step 18. Click on “Build” and then select “Build Apk”.


Step 19. After finishing building it will show “locate” which will open the explorer from where you can sent it to your phone for installation.


Step 20. Here is the file builded of Apk.


Step 21. After Installation of Hello World will present like this.

Android Studio App Hello World project Android app Development






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