What is Sitemap? Why is it important and How to create an XML Sitemap ?

What is sitemap?  What is the Importance of XML Sitemap For a Website/Blog  ?

For a new blogger it is very necessary to know about XML sitemap .  what is the importance of it for a website or blog. Sitemap is just like a road-map of any website either website is big or small,  which provides important content of all pages to the Google and other search engines.

We normally don’t link our pages internally. So google cannot crawl all the pages. If there is an XML Sitemap then it is very beneficial for Search engine optimization because google can easily retrieve all the pages very fast.

What is Sitemap?

Sitemap is the easiest way to connect to search engine and for giving all information about the pages on the website for crawling.  Sitemap is an  XML file which contains all URL of a website including all categories,articles of the pages.

It provides tags of the Posts to be found in search engine based on the tags written keywords.

Through XML Sitemap Search engines get many information like when the URL has been updated and what changes have been made on this.

Why XML Sitemap is necessary?

An XML Sitemap provides search engines all the pages and their URLs  of the website to make easy search for them.

According to Google Sitemap is very necessary for big websites,  but it is also very beneficial for all websites not only for bigger websites. After publishing a post what do you want from google? You also want google to find your page easily and to show the viewers in the top.

I wil explain here about 2 Methods which I personally use to create a sitemap.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Google XML Sitemaps


Just go to plugin and add new plugin search there Yoast SEO then Install and activate it.

xml sitemap wtechni 1


You can open the file “see the XML sitemap”   then just submit it to the google webmaster search console.

For submitting it you have to open google search console and add your website link. After successfully submitted your site link open it.

Then left side you will get Crawl option now you have to click on crawl.

Inside it you will see sitemap. Then just click on sitemap and you will see right side a red color button ADD/TEST SITEMAP.

 Now if you want to test,  then after pasting your sitemap link just click on TEST.

Google will test and notify you either your website has an error or not.  If it says your site has no error then just SUBMIT it.

After Successfully submission of sitemap you can see there it will show you every corner of your website will be indexing there. That’s it.


This plugin can also be downloaded from wordpress add new plugin section,  search this name.

Install and activate the plugin.  After activating this plugin you open this plugin from SETTING you will find XML-SITEMAPS there just click on it open.  xml sitemap wtechni

In this screenshot I have indicated the area from where you can easily download your sitemap. Here you go choose any of the plugin and submit your sitemap to the search engine and get SEO of your website.

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What is Sitemap? Why is it important and How to create an XML Sitemap ?
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