Lets Know What Is A Virus?


The full name of (VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Siege). Virus computers are small programs. Which is an auto execute program that affects the working of the computer by entering into the computer. Called viruses.

Virus is a malicious program that damages the computer’s data. This computer performs the task of erasing or deleting computer data. The virus is a deliberate program written. It combines itself with the computer’s boot and the more time the computer boots the more the virus spreads. The virus can slow down the hard disk speed by entering the hard disk’s boot sector and prevent the program from running. Many viruses can damage data and programs after a long time.The virus associated with any program is not activated until the program is run. When the virus is activated, the computer adds itself to the memory and starts spreading.

The program affects the virus program file. Boot virus affects boot record, partition and allocation table. There may be several reasons for the virus to spread virus in the computer. Infected floppy disks, infected CDs or infected pen drives, etc. are helpful in spreading viruses. Viruses can also spread to computers by email, games, internet files.

Identifying the virus is not very difficult. Before taking serious forms of virus infection, their signs appear in the computer. For example read the following points :

1. When the computer is slow :

Computer has slowed down and taking too much time to open any software, it means that a large part of its memory and CPU is busy with virus or spyware processing. In such a situation, the computer is starting to open and the web page is open on Internet Explorer.

2. Changes in browser settings :

If your browser homepage has changed automatically, then it is possible that there is a spyware attack on your computer. The homepage is a website or web page that automatically opens when you turn on the internet browser. Usually we set our homepage by going to the Tools menu, which is usually your preferred website, search engine or more used services such as e-mail etc. The spyware detection in the PC changes it to take you to a particular website.

3. Henging of the computer :

When the computer has started to get jammed or sudden heng, it can be understood that it is due to infections. Especially when you have not installed any new software or hardware in the computer.

4. Pop-up windows :

After turning on the internet browser, a lot of pop-up windows start to be opened in one go, then some of them may have been advertised for something special or have been advertised for pornographic websites. Locked up with links.

5. When strange startups are created :

strange icons have come in your desktop or system tray, even when you have not installed any such software. On clicking, they start to open fast porn websites.

6. Unknowingly folders and files :

There are some folders on your computer’s desktop or desktop that you did not create. They also have some files that you did not make or they were created with the installation of any software.



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