This Eerie Optical Illusion Will Make You See A Face On A Blank Wall

"It is still freaking me out!" wrote one person in the comments section

An optical illusion that seems to be straight out of a horror movie is creeping netizens out.

This optical illusion instructs people to stare at a red dot on a photograph of a woman's face for 30 seconds before looking away.

The image has been overlaid with a negative filter, according to the Sun. 

This tricks your eyes into seeing colours that are not actually there, which means that when you look at a blank surface after staring at the photograph.

Sounds spooky, right? Take a look at the optical illusion below. Stare at the red dot for 15 to 30 seconds. Then look at a blank wall and blink rapidly.

The photograph has collected a number of freaked-out comments since being posted to Facebook.  It has also amassed over 1.3 lakh 'shares' and 16,000 'likes'.