TAX BREAK Six ways to pay less tax – and it could save you THOUSANDS

FEW people like handing money over to the taxman - but there are some ways you can reduce the amount you pay, and they're perfectly legit.

Understanding all the different allowances and schemes available to you could lower your tax bill and save you thousands.

This week we covered a raft of ways to slash your energy, childcare and tax bills with budget-boosting tricks.

Here, we round up some of the easiest ways to give less money to HMRC:

Check your tax code First up, check you're paying the right amount of tax. Your tax code indicates how much you'll hand over to the Revenue - you can find it on your payslip.

The standard tax code for basic-rate taxpayers is 1257L, which means you can earn £12,570 a year before paying tax (you can work out what your personal allowance is by multiplying your code by 10).

You can check if your tax code is correct by using HMRC’s online tool or MoneySavingExpert’s free online tax calculator.