Types of viruses are infecting computers


Today our computer suffers from many types of viruses. Now a days new viruses are being created – new viruses are being developed by hackers. The invention of the internet has given a new dimension to the spread of viruses. Do not know how many types of viruses are infecting computers today through the Net. Some famous viruses that have infected computers in a big way in the past.

  • Michelangelo
  • Disk Washer
  • C-brain
  • MacMag
  • Jerusalem (Jerusalem)
  • Columbus

1. Michelangelo –

The name of the most notorious virus Michael Angelo, so far, was because the virus is on March 6, which is the date of birth of Michael Angelo, on this day it ends the data. Therefore it is also called “March 6 virus”. The virus was detected in mid-1991 and all subsequent virus viruses were able to eliminate it.It was also the reason behind this virus being notorious that many anti-virus researchers had predicted the massive annihilation of the computer system on March 6. The fear of this prophecy remained in the heart of the people until March 6, 1990, till the whole of the decade which ended very soon.

2. Disk Washer –

Disk Washer virus name was due to the message contained in it “Disk Washer with Love”. Which was addressed in India in the last month of 1993. This virus was so dangerous that it would eliminate all the data available in the harddisk. Antivirus software, which was prepared in 1994 and subsequently, was able to detect and eliminate this virus.

3. C-Brain –

Amjad and Basit two Pakistani brothers had developed this virus in January 1986. The virus was the only address of both the brothers who knew it was intended to discourage the people illegally for purchasing software. This is probably the first virus in the world. At the same time, it was the most discussed virus in all the virus cases. Who infected millions of computers. This boot sector was a virus.

4. Macmag –

This virus was eliminated by giving a peace message to your monitor. It only infected Apple Macintosh computers. Richard Brando is considered as the creator of this virus. Richard McMagag was the publisher of the magazine and the name of the virus was on this magazine. This virus did not do much damage.

5. Jerusalem (Jerusalem) –

This virus was first detected in 1987 in Havreu University, Jerusalem. So its name was Jerusalem. One particular thing was that it was only active on Friday. This virus was very dangerous. This virus was destroyed on Friday, all the files which were used to work on.

6. Columbus –

Columbus virus is also known as Datacrym and October 13. It was named after 13th October that it was activated only on October 13, 1989 on active computers of the whole world. It also destroyed the harddisk data by infecting executable files like it did in Jerusalem.


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