“This Site May Be Hacked” Complete Guide to Remove This from Google Search Results

“This Site May Be Hacked” Complete Guide to Remove This from Google Search Results

This site may be hacked” is a very painful condition when someone search your blog or website and notify you that he/she getting this message while searching your website/blog. Nothing comes in mind for solution and a shock just flows in the mind, what i did wrong that google showing this message. Basically it is like a black spot and bad image for website or blog for the Owner.

If this message shown for your website then there will be drastically decrements of visitors on your website/blog.

Removing this message as soon as possible is necessary for the reputation of the website.

I have also been in this problem for a week and searched almost everything online and left nothing for the solution of this problem. Finally I got the solution and succeed to remove that message from google search and it was like the luckiest day for me to achieve something which was discussed nearly to zero everywhere online.

So here if you reading this article means you are also suffering from this message “This site may be hacked”.



Lets talk now for the problem first. If you search your website in the google search engine and get this message as a google search result then take this steps:-

Step 1.

Go to google webmaster tool and register your website there. After registration click on your website link there , you will get Security Issues option. You have to click on security issues. It will show what are the problems your site is infected with and then google will suggest you to read the procedure for removing these.

If you are having wordpress website then you should install these plugins which are the best and these helped me removing the infections from my website /blog.




These are the best at the current scenario for resolving this issue. I personally recommend these plugins.

Step 2.

Update your wordpress to the latest version and check all plugins which are not updated, ensure the updation of all the plugins to the latest version.

Never install outdated plugin, entrusted or unofficial without having full information and recommendation of the expert person.

Step 3.

After updating  wordpress  and all the plugins now just scan your website completely. It will show all the errors of your site which shown also in google security issue option. Now you will see many files like footer.php , header.php, index.php , wp-config.php any of these can be infected with unknown codes. If you are using Anti Malware it will indicate the errors clearly and you can just delete those codes manually and remove infected codes. After removing all errors just save the changes. For removing these codes you will have to login to the Cpanel of your website to the root directory. After cleaning codes you just check security issues option and if it is clean and not showing any error then you can apply to the google webmaster for a Review of your website.

Step 4.

If using all Wordfence and Anti Malware you were not able to remove the infected codes then you have to do it manually, search one by one all the .php file of your root directory, I did the same in my case.

And if you are finding these kind of URL links the you have to do some changes in your .htaccess file and error 404, see it carefully and change it.

How to edit .htaccess file?

You have to install Yoast SEO for enabling this file to be accessed directly.

Go to SEO-Tools-File editor-Here you will see .htaccess file and now you have to add this to the top of  .htaccess

Rewrite Engine on
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} (^|&)q= [NC]
RewriteRule (.*) /error-404.php? [R=404,L]


How to create error 404 file?

You have to create a custom error 404 page in the root directory and save it as name  error-404.php

Write this inside your file

header(  “HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found”  );

after doing this change now check the URL is showing 404 error or not. Go to this website for checking your URL’s


After Applying these surely you will be able to remove this message This site may be hacked.

Finally Request a review. And your message will be removed.





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