How To Get SSL Certificate Free For Your Website Complete Guide

Every website needs to be secure for getting safe link between server and web browser. And to protect all database of blog/website.  This all depends on SSL Certificate which provides secure link between user and website. Lets know about SSL Certificate.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This keeps the data private when transferred between server and user by establishing encrypted link. To keep data safe and private of  customers many website use SSL. For making visitor feeling secure when browse this website, by SSL every visitor or customer get a ensurity of safe internet surfing and browsing.

Why SSL Certificate is required for website or blog

  1. Increase Search Ranking: When your site have SSL encryption search engine optimize your site effectively and rank it to the top in  their results.
  2. Website Loading time: SSL provides your site’s to be loaded quickly and take less time.
  3. Faith: In address bar when secure with green colour is displayed every visitor is satisfied with the website and they feel safe and this boost the traffic.
  4. Protection: Because of SSL its not an easy task to steal data from your website.

Now lets talk about the procedure of installing SSL Certificate on newly created website and effectively working of it.

You have to go to your website and and open plugin there you have to search a plugin name

Really Simple SSL

Install it and after installation just activate it. When you will open this plugin it will show a message

No SSL found in your website in red indication.


Now you have to open one website where we will generate Name servers

Click here on Cloudflare

After opening this link Signup for a  new account there, complete signing up and login to it.

Click on Add Site and enter your website link, it will verify your website and process then it will go to next step and ask for the plan,there will be many kind of plans,  here you choose FREE PLAN click on continue, it will generate NameServers.

Now you have to sign in to your account of Domain For example my domain i bought in GoDaddy so i will login to Godaddy and goto- products-Domain- DNS-NameServers

Now just paste the generated NameServers from Cloudflare and Save it.

After pasting the NameServers in the DNS   again open the Cloudflare and Click on Crypto and then Change SSL from  Full to Flexible. Now just drag your page to the bottom and Turn “ON” Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

Now you are Done…..

Wait for 24 hours it will be active withing this time. Now just check Cloudflare When active open WordPress Dashboard and go to Setting-SSL-Now enabled SSL.

Now just see the URL of your website by pasting it to the in the address bar, you will find Secure connection will be established and your site is safe for browsing. It will keep your visitor always coming to your website and provide secure connection.

How To Get SSL Certificate Free For Your Website Complete Guide
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