Record Crystal clear voice for your YouTube videos using android smartphone ll Best Audio Quality ( “Mic” no need)

We have been in the situation many times when we want to record our best quality voice and then we couldn’t do it, and sometimes we get some recorded voices and that is of worst quality and not able to listen and understand it due to background noise. For YouTube videos sound quality is the most important thing which can can reduce visitors if sound is bad, viewer will leave even if your video is good because of your audio quality only.

Are you really tired of searching an app through which you can record a crystal clear voice, then your wait is over now.

Here I present you an amazing app by which you can record your voice with noise cancellation feature and background irritating noise will not be recorded. If you have already recorded your voice and sound is not good, if it is having background noise, then don’t get irritated now you have got your application for noise removing and making your voice crystal clear.

Here are the steps of editing audio which you have already recorded.

Step 1.

First of all open the application Lexis audio editor.

Step 2.

Now you have to go to option of opening already recorded audio file.

Here select the file and press open.

After opening it will display lie this.

Step 3.

Now after opening the audio file press play button to check the audio quality once and if it is having background noise then go to the above right side corner three dots menu now click on “Effects.”



After clicking Effects new dialogue box will appear there you have to click on “Noise reduction.”

After clicking on Noise reduction dialogue box will appear and you do not change any data just click on” Apply.”




Now again play audio.

Congrats your audio is now Noise free.

Save your edited audio an use for your video.

Download Lexis Audio Editor from here.

Download link:

Lexis Audio Editor


For Video Tutorial please watch this.

Edit your bad quality audio into crystal clear audio.


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