MS Excel: Learn About View Menu

“Learn About View Menu MS Excel”

View Menu : In this menu, all the options except the formula bar and the custom view are the same. Whom we read in msword.

Formula Bar: – With this option the formula bar is displayed or disappeared.

Custom View: – This option gives the name of any part inside the sheet. And then we can easily reach that place through that name.

MS Excel: Insert menu (insert)

INSERT MENU (INSERT) :- Within the Insert menu, there is an option to insert the abject in the page. The cell pointer is on the shore. He can insert the new cell, row, column, worksheet.

Chart: – Graphical Representation of any Numerical data can be done. Such as column, bar, pie or line chart of any data.
Method for making chart:

(1) select the data
(2) insert -> click on chart
(3) select type of chart from chart wizard

(4) Click on next button


(5) Give the name of chart, value of x-axis and value of y-axis and then click next button.

(6) select the place where chart placed

1- as new sheet
2- as object in

MS Excel: Learn About View Menu
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