MS Excel: “Learn About Tools Menu”

MS Excel: “Learn About Tools Menu”

Tools Menu :-

Share workbook
Through this option, the workbook can get lots of user information via network or internet.

Merge Workbook: – By changing this option into a workbook, the change becomes merged in the second workbook too. This process is called the merge workbook.

Goal Seek: – This is a data analysing tool. Through which the right way to achieve the goal is to find.
process of goal seek:
1. cell
2. Click on Tools-> Goal Seek.

3. change the value of result cell
4-tell reference of corressponding independent cell.

For example :-

The tables mentioned above are Rs 400 / =. Increase it to Rs 500 / =. To achieve this goal, we will keep cell pointer D2 for this and click on the target seek option, a dialog box will open
which is like this.

The value 500 will be written and after typing $ B $ 2 in the By Reference column, click on the OK button, then the rate will change according to the target.
Scenario (Scenario): – This is also an Analysis tool. Used to be used. Where to look at the effect of changing input data will have an impact on the output. For example, how would the rate of 8 to 9.5 in table below affect the interest?

For this, click on Tools-> scenario option, then a dialog box like this will open.

In this we will type the name of the scenario and by typing B2 in the changing cell, click on ok.

So it will ask the value of B2 and type 9-5 into it and click on the OK button.

Auditing: – Through cell value this, the dependency & dependency of cell value.



MS Excel: “Learn About Tools Menu”
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