Live Cricket Score App in thunkable and Appybuilder

Live Cricket Score App in thunkable and Appybuilder

Live matches are not easy to watch for everyone on television but everyone want to get updated frequently by looking at the score of match. For that people use many platforms online like websites and mobile apps. Many android applications are also there which provide live cricket score.

So this is a very wide range of getting viewers while a match is on. So here I will discuss about creating an app like this which can provide users live status of any match. You can follow this post and can earn good revenue by serving people by developing the app and publish into the Google Play store Console. So now lets begin for live cricket score app in thunkable and appybuilder.

Login to the thunkable

After that you have to create a new app so click on the create new app.

Your project will start and now you have to make layout according to your requirement. How many labels you want it depends on you, how many figures you want to show to your viewers.

Now you have to put one button also for refreshing the screen of the score page or you can choose Swipe refresh extension.

Now the most important thing you have to know that you have to take one spreadsheet.

For making connection to your app, you have to open one another link that is Cloudstitch

Signup here with your gmail account and Create new project.

In this step you have to take care about one thing you choose right things.

Follow the steps which has been shown in the screenshot. And after creating new project you open the editor and have to copy the given link and paste it to the thunkable in spreadsheet API Endpoint.

When you will open project you have to put one API Endpoint for sheet to thunkable to create connection between app and Spreadsheet.You have to make some changes like this.

After your project name add this to your API Endpoint ?dev=true  as shown in the screenshot. Here you have to do one more thing you always have to sync with your template,

whenever you make changes with your editor in sheet you have to sync it to update your app also. There is also an option for Auto-sync but for paid members.


You have to put in the thunkable as shown in the screenshot.

Now lets move to the Sheet again for editing method.



Sheet required two important things column name  and Row number to be filled in the thunkable while writing blocks. In the block writing section We have to call data from sheet in the form of label and mention column name and Row number.

This is the method of writing the blocks for the app. You have to follow all these blocks for proper function of the app.

Swipe refresh extension

Live Cricket Score App in thunkable and Appybuilder

Live Cricket Score App in thunkable and Appybuilder
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