What is Pradhanmantri Kaushal Vikash Yojna PMKVY

Prime Minister had launched Make In India Campaign to give jobs to the youth of our country. But our country was very young like those who needed training along with employment. In order to fulfill this shortcoming, the Prime Minister started the PradhanMantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) whose main objective is to provide industrial training to the youth of the country.

What is PradhanMantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana?

Let’s Know in detail about it

There are two main reasons for implementing Pmkvy Project. The first thing is that the Prime Minister’s Make In India Campaign is another reason to train the young generation of our country.

During the Prime Minister’s Make In India Campaign, some foreign investors had promised that they would get skilled workers for that project.

In order to fulfill this shortcoming, the Government decided that the skill development scheme should be started for the unemployed youth.

Central Government approved the Prime Minister Skill Development Plan. This scheme was launched on 15th July 2015 on the occasion of World Youth Skills.

The general rule of this plan is the same for all. And the rules given in the PMKVY guidelines apply to all. This general rule is made by the Steering Committee. And according to the order of Steering Committee, these rules may change.

PMKVY Payment of training fees :-

Under this scheme, the amount of the candidate’s expenditure will be given to the government and the money is transferred to the account of the training center giving direct training. For this, the Government has made some rules that if the training center is necessary for every candidate, it is very necessary.

Bio-Metric Device is essential for your base center in base training.

TC’s affiliation and authority:-

All training centers are required to be affiliated. After this affiliation, it is necessary to take the authority. For this reason, the Steering Committee can easily get information about all the training centers. This is necessary for the committee to monitor all the TCS.

PradhanMantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana PMKVY

Allocation of aims:-

Steering Committee has set dimensions and targets have been given. The training center gets the start position according to its performance. The training center’s grading is based on the training center’s quality of training, availability of infrastructure, the capacity of the training center, performance, geographical location.

In some selected geographical locations, the Steering Committee has given a little bit of relief in dimensions.

Training campaign:-

Training outreach training can be done where he is located. You can run outdoor campaigns by contacting the training center door to door visits, mobile van, the local group, and leader.

Enrollment of too many students under the Prime Minister’s Skill Development Plan. This plan was to enroll only those students who were the 12th dropout or drop out in undergraduate studies.

Under this scheme, Skilled Mela is organized for the students who take training from skill development centers. This skill development fair is held once every 6 months.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana Objectives:-

The main purpose of this scheme is that our government did not want to impose employment only but it wanted to employ some of our countrymen on their own. And if you do not want to work just because of this, then you can do something of yourself too.

The scheme has benefitted not only the students but also the country. The government will also benefit from this scheme. Why the Government should be skilled workers for other schemes and under this scheme, many dropout students got an opportunity to make their career.

After training, they will need employment and the government will also get a skilled worker. This scheme can also help in the economic development of the country.

Not only that, the second option of this scheme was also to increase the productivity of these people by improving the skills.

Under this scheme, 10 million youth will get the benefit of the scheme.

Skill Mission India Eligibility:-

The youth who are eligible for their puzzle job can apply for this scheme.

Those students who have 12th and graduate dropouts can also apply for this scheme.

Documents required for pmkvy :-

You will only need 3 documents for this scheme,

And maybe these documents all have

– Applicant’s base card

-Photographs of two passport size

– Aadhaar card of any member of your family.








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