“How to update Aadhar card online”


“How to update Aadhar card online”

Hello friends, Aadhaar card has been created through the Government of India. Since then, the Aadhar cards have been made compulsory in many places in the Valid Document. Many work is not possible without the base card. In such a situation, if some details of your Aadhar card are wrongly entered, then you may have to face difficulties. In this article we will learn how you can update the Aadhaar card online automatically. Aadhar Card Correction is completely free online service. No charge is taken for this.

If your Aadhar card has a name, address, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, then you can improve through online updates.

Updating Aadhar Card requires some of the essentials –

1. Registered Mobile Number – The mobile number you provided when creating the Aadhar card. You have to be at the time of online updates. Because the code for base verification will get you the same mobile number.

2. Valid Document Scan Copy – Any details you want to update in your Aadhar card is correct or not? For this, it is necessary to keep a scan copy of the valid document.




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