How to open closed eyes from Photoshop

How to open closed eyes from Photoshop

When we take a photo, sometimes it happens with us that our eyes are closed, and if you take a photo again, such a great photo does not come in such a way that our photo gets spoiled, but now with the help of Photoshop you can make your eyes big It can be easily opened.
How to open closed eyes from Photoshop

There is some need for this, as if the photo in which your eyes are closed, you should have a photo in which the eyes are open and they are looking at the side on which the closed eyes or your closed face. The direction of both faces should be the same.

First of all open your photo in Photoshop. If there is anyone else in your photo that is looking at the direction of your face, meaning that both of you were looking at one side, you can put his eyes on your face.

The two girls in this photo are watching on one side, then I will copy the eyes of another girl and put her on the first one.
• First of all, take the Polygonal Lasso tool and select the eyes of the other girl and select the eyes and press “Ctrl J” to copy the layer. Now in the new layer you have just got eyes.

• Now set these eyes on the first girl’s figure.
• Ctrl T pressure can make you eyes bigger or twist.
• Now put a mask on the layers section in the Layer section
• Now grab the brush tool and reduce the size

How to open closed eyes from Photoshop
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