How to make bootable pen drive

“How to make bootable pen drive”

We all must have installed Windows OS in their computer / laptop at some point of time. There are two ways to install dew in a computer / laptop.

1. CD drive help and 2 With the help of a USB drive. To install the Windows OS from the USB drive, you have to make a USB device i.e. Penderyw to be bootable. Today we will learn about how to make USB drive bootable.

Benefits of using Bootable pen drive

Using USB bootable pendrive makes your work easier. Some of these benefits are given below.

1. If the CD/DVD drive of your computer/laptop is damaged, then you can install the Windows OS in the computer/laptop with the help of USB boot no-pen drive.
2. If your Windows computer is not bootable for any reason, then you can make Pen Drive easily with your USB boot no-pen drive.
3. You can also do live boot from the USB pen drive.

Learn how to create USB boot for Windows 7 and how to create pendrive.

For Windows 7, you can create bootable images from the official Office of Windows. The following steps have been given to create bootable pendrives.
Notification – Backup all your data already present in Pendrive, this will otherwise delete all your data in order of process otherwise.

Step 1 – First of all, you will need a USB pandery. The minimum size should be 4 GB.
Step 2 – You must download a software Windows “DVD Tool” in your computer / laptop.
Step 3 – After downloading the software, you have to install it.






How to make bootable pen drive
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