How to create app in Thunkable/Appybuilder Layout design Tutorial -1


How to create app in Thunkable/Appybuilder Layout design Tutorial

Now a days people are keen to learn stuffs which were very hard to do in past few years. I am talking about coding which means Computer programming languages for example Java, C, C++ etc. It was not easy to understand these languages with proper course or studies, which means who know these languages he/she can only create websites apps,and software.

Surprising facts: Now You don’t need coding for making websites and apps. Its very simple and easy to create apps and websites, Developers have made it easier for people like who don’t even know what programming language is, can create apps now.

Now here we will talk about mobile app development using online services like thunkable and appybuilder.

How to create app in Thunkable/Appybuilder Layout design Tutorial

Following is the step by step procedure for designing the app interface.

Step 1.

First of all open your web browser like google chrome or mozilla firefox and open any of the site from thunkable or appybuilder. For better learning thunkable is good enough. So here I will be explaining app building in thunkable.

After opening the site it will ask for login then just login using your gmail account.

Now the interface will look like this.

Step 2.



As shown in the screenshot you have to click on the  “create new app” and a window will appear about asking for app name, you have to put a desired name as you want. Then just click on “OK” and the main interface of thunkable will appear where you have to do all the activities of designing and block writing.

What is Designing?

It is defined as the Interface of mobile screen pages which will appear inside application. So it will contain all the things which you will enter while designing like buttons, labels,text box,layout etc.

What is Block?

It is defined as the utility which provides function to the design it means if you have put 4 buttons on the page then what work will be done when these buttons will be clicked. for providing function this block writing is used. If there will be design only and not blocks writing then app will just open but you cant do anything with app.

Step 3.

In this section you can see left side pallet is the which contains many things like user interface,layout,media,sensor,experimental where you can all the stuffs required for building up your site in an easier way.

Open User interface and slide down you will find web viewer, click on web viewer and  drag web viewer to the preview screen of mobile screen, it will capture its space according to automatic height and width.

From the right side of interface you can select web viewer and adjust the height and width according to your choice and you can put home URL  for your browser.

After this if you want to put buttons to the screen below web viewer then take a horizontal arrangement , set its height to 8 percent and width to fill parent and inside horizontal you have to insert buttons as many you want. for proper fitment of buttons you have to set height and width to the fill parent.


By using these features designing can be done very easily.

How to create app in Thunkable/Appybuilder Layout design Tutorial

For complete method watch the tutorial below.



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