How to Apply for Pan Card Step By Step Procedure

How to Apply for Pan Card Step By Step Procedure

Hello users, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have received a request for the payment of the card for the same reason. PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) a date for the card should have been lost. For the first time in our application, click here to submit your completed step by step complete report.

What is the PAN card? – What is the first card that I have to give you? Permanent Account Number is the name of the PAN card. pan card income tax department.

Pan Card has always been able to make the most of it. You can use the same card as a part of the card.

To open a bank account, open a PAN Card.
Fix Duty
50,000 of which are used for transferring the card.
To pay income tax bills.
As an identity proof you can use a PAN card.
Or is it possible that you can use your card card?

Which document is required to create a PAN card?

Identity Proof :-

1. Passport
2. Voter ID card
3. Aadhar Card issued by UIDAI
4. Ration Card
5. Driving License
6. Photo Identity Card issued by Central or State Government

Address Proof: – What’s the address proof for a PAN card?

1. Aadhar Card
2. Passport
3. Voter ID card
4. Driving license
5. Post Office Passbook
6. Property Registration certificate.

Date of Birth Proof :-

१. Aadhar Card
२. Elector’s Photo Identity Card
३. Driving license
४. Passport
५. Matriculation Certificate
६. Birth certificate issued by the municipal authority.

How to Apply for Pan Card Step By Step Procedure

By now you have come to understand what is the PAN card and why it is necessary to have a PAN card. Let us now apply how to apply online for the PAN card.

First of all you government of the Income Tax Department. Visit website You will have a form open in front of you here but you have to fill your details. As you can see the image below.

Then after  Authenticate and get UIDAI “Aadhar Numer verification” OTP in ur Registered Mobile Number and don it.

How to Apply for Pan Card Step By Step Procedure

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