How to Write Block For an Android App inThunkable Or Appybuilder.

In the last post of the thunkable tutorial, I explained about designing of pages of an android application. How to implement layout ( Horizontal and vertical) with or without scroll arrangement, I discussed in brief about these. I told about how to insert them on the screen but in this section, I will talk about block writing for an android application.

Note: While working in designer section in thunkable one blue indicating line will appear which will guide you to insert an option on the screen while you select that from the menu and drag into the application screen.

How to write block for in thunkable or appybuilder.

Designing is just an appearance of an application which is the half of the work of app development. Now, will discuss about second part of an app development that is block writing.
“ A body is called dead without is soul.”
Similarly here an app is not alive until it’s block have been written with correct functionality.
It will be stationary without block writing so let’s move to the procedure of block writing step by step.
How to write block for an android application in thunkable /Appybuilder
Follow these steps for block writing.
1. Before starting block writing you have to do one more thing so that work well be easier that is naming the buttons and label, these names will not appear on the app, it is just for using while block writing.

2. Simply if you have 4 buttons ; button 1, button 2, button 3, button 4
Then just change the name of the button according to their work function.

3. If button 1 is there for the back option then name it “backbutton”, if button 2 is for moving next page then name it “nextbutton.”
4. After finishing this click on Block section and select Screen 1 in the left side layout.

How to write block for an android application in thunkable or appybuilder.


5. When screen will appear it will be blank and all the interface will be on the left side from which you have to use the function.

6. Buttons, Labels, screen everything will be on the left side you have to click on them and select what your requirement from that particular button or label.

7. For example, if you want to get to the second screen of the app with a button click then you will write block like this

When button 1 is click open another screen name second screen.

8. And it will work very fine similarly when the back button click previous screen will open just name the screen in the text box.



This is the procedure of block writing. Hope you understood well. If any problem please write on the comment box.

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How to Write Block For an Android App inThunkable Or Appybuilder.
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