7 Best mobile ad networks (Mobile App Monetisation)

As we all now observe that All mobile apps are full of ads.  And publishers can earn very good revenue by developing apps and  by serving ads using different Mobile ad networks.

There are numbers of Ad Networks which provide Mobile Application Monetisation facility. So here I am going to tell you about these different networks.

These are the main factors based on which we choose best network for our App monetisation .factors:
– eCPM
– Fillrate
– easiest integration & registration
– total Revenue
– Etc.

Mobile Ad Networks With Good Revenue Features

1. Appodeal

It is one of the largest Mobile ad network and mediation platform which monetise the android based applications and games.


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It provides wide range of types of Ads on Android Apps.


2. Appnext

Appnext is a leading Ads serving network which helps millions of people to experience apps at the right moments throughout the day. On daily near about 650 million people interact with Appnext Ads provided Apps. It is a leading mobile and in-app adverting since 2012


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3. Mopub

Mopub’s ad serving tools and interface provides cutting edge ad formats which allows you to control your monetization planning according to market proirities. Here it provides publishers to control according to demand what you see, and get a best revenue. here you can earn more revenue with price competition.


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4. Chartboost

Chartbosst is an ad company where publishers can monetize their app and games for showing ads to the chartboost users. Revenue is also very high in chartboost.

Chartboost provides both interstitial and video ads , App integration is very simple with Chartboost.

By doing less work in your app by writing codes you can easily earn very high revenue.

This company gives around 90% to 100% of the revenue to the developers which is really true as you can test it by doing app monetization. For doing transaction they cut only 10% of amount on your behalf.

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5. Admob

Admob is the product of Google advertisement platforms which serves ads on android operating  systems and provide high revenue to the publishers and developers of apps.  For payment you also have to sign up for an google adsense account.

For beginners it is the best ad network for starting their career as it has the simplest way of monetizing apps.

It is the leading ad network of the world and provides banner ads, interstitial ads, Rewarded video.

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6. StartApp

This company is serving ads for 8 long years , it was founded in year 2010. This company is consist of only 160 employees as mentioned in their site they provide best ads services in the world of mobile ad network.

This network provides interstitial ads while changing one page to another page in apps  and websites,

It can also get higher revenues using these ads.

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7. Leadbolt

Leadbolt is an Australian company situated in Sydney and it was founded in 2010.

It monetizes apps and can be increased revenue by serving ads in the app using this platform.

It provides effective ad formats.

Playable Ads                                                Rewarded Video Ads

Interstitial Ads                                            Native Ads

These ads can maximize your earning by  Top advertisers in the world.


mobile ad networks wtechni



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7 Best mobile ad networks (Mobile App Monetisation)
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