About Us

Welcome to the WTechni – an online station which  delivers  useful, contemporary and innovative information to the common people. WTechni tries to make you connect to the latest trends and fast growing innovation to match yourself with them.


WTechni’s  mission is ” Sikho sikhao sabko aage badhao”.

Since I have been in the connection with internet my eagerness made me to learn many things, the fact is no one can know everything, but we can at least be in touch with latest cutting edge technology  . So WTechni is all about providing you what I got to know. Here you get the information knowledge and tutorials related to many fields which includes PC and Android smartphones software,apps and tips related to these.



I am wasim and I am from India and currently I have been in the industry where i never want to be. This is what my passion was by which I have been talking with you right now.

Here it gives me happiness when I provide people information which I know and want to take to the future for lighting up our life.

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