Learn About MS EXCEL

Learn About MS EXCEL

What is MS Excel

MS Excel: –

MS Excel is a part of MS Office which is known as spreadsheet package, in which the data is written in rows and columns and after that it can calculate any kind of calculation on it. Such as mathematical statistical and financial etc. In this, you can analyze the data and create a report. It can display data as graph.



How to start excel in computer

Starting MsExcel

Start – >> All Programs – >> Msoffice – >> Clicking on Excel opens the window to Excel. .
Ms excel looks like this. !


What Is Work Book: –   Work Book is a document of Excel, it has 255 work sheet inside. By Default it shows three sheets.
Spreet sheet: –

Where the excel sheet of the Excel document also goes to the worksheet .There has grid of cells or grid of rows. It contains 65 536 rows and 256 columns. Where rows and columns intercept each other, there is a rectagle area called cell called Cell. Cell is the smallest and important unit of excel document. In which the data or information is stored and any kind can be calculated on it, each cell has its own unique address or reference no. it happens. Columns and Rows are obtained by writing in the sequence.

(1) Relative Reference
(2) Absolute Reference
(3) Relative & Absolute Reference
(4) Absolute & Relative Reference

(1) Relative Reference:-  Reference column &  row is obtained by typing in the sequence. In this context, the reference of the second cell in the reference of a cell is changed according to the first cell. Using it makes it easy and quick to calculate. This cell reference is written as Such as: – a2, b2 or c3.

(2) Absolute Reference:- In this reference is taken with the doller. In this, the reference to a cell does not change in the context of another cell. Such as: $ a $ 2, $ b $ 2 and $ c $ 2.

(3) Relative & Absolute Reference:- In this, the column is turned to relative and the row is absolute. In which the column is converted to the reference of the second cell. But the row does not change. Eg: -A2, C3.

(4) Absolute & Relative Reference:- Column is written as  absolute and Row is written as Relative. In which the column gets fixed. And Row changes. Such as: $ A2, $ B2, and $ C2 etc.


Learn About MS EXCEL
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